Plainfield Full-Depth Reclamation

Like many municipalities in the Midwest, the Town of Plainfield, Indiana faced the challenge of roadway deterioration due to heavy traffic patterns, seasonal freezing and thaws, poor sub-grade conditions, and distressed asphalt.  Specialties Company was brought in to perform a full-depth reclamation of the roadway.

Project Overview

For this project, Specialties Company treated 14,000 square yards of county roads with 8% Portland cement to a depth of 14 inches.  Specialties pre-pulverized the existing roadways to a depth of 14” to achieve particle sizing with a minimum 100% passing a two-inch sieve.  The pulverized material was graded and rolled to achieve a 2% slope from the centerline, while 8% dry Portland cement (104 lbs/syd) was spread and blended to a depth of 14 inches.  The cement was then compacted with a pad foot roller, fine graded to achieve a 2% slope from the centerline, and smooth drum rolled to create a surface suitable for asphalt paving.  Finally, the Specialties team laid a two-inch layer of asphalt on top of the reclaimed and stabilized roadway material.

Specialties completed the entire process, including paving, in 10 days, thus providing the city of Plainfield with a newly constructed roadway built with limited disruption to the traveling public.  Through this sustainable solution, Specialties Company was able to reduce the amount of material needed and delivered a cost-effective alternative to the municipality when compared with complete roadway removal and reconstruction.

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