Jasper County Municipal Airport Runway Rehabilitation

This award-winning construction project at the Jasper Municipal Airport in Rensselaer, Indiana featured outstanding vertical integrated solutions by imi, E&B Paving, and Specialties Company.

Project Overview

At the start of this project, Specialties Company milled the existing asphalt runway to a profile grade and milled the existing apron two inches.  After the milling process was completed, E&B Paving supported the effort by paving the taxiways and apron.

E&B Paving’s Concrete Division completed the 6″ concrete overlay on the 4,000-foot long x 60-foot wide runway using 4,971 cubic yards of ready mix concrete supplied by the imi.

In total, the $1.42 million project required two weeks to complete and covered 26,680 square yards of concrete pavement.  Notably, while the customer’s concrete strength specification called for 725 psi in 28 days, the imi-supplied concrete averaged 843 psi in that timeframe.

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