Located just 14 miles south of Nashville, Tennessee, Westhaven is a city-like residential community where imi completed the majority of the concrete work, including foundational pours, driveways, and sidewalks.

Project Overview

As one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the area, Westhaven offers a range of amenities for residents.  The contractor for this project, Petersen & Sons, has a strong presence within the community and partnered with imi to provide concrete for the project.  A unique aspect of Westhaven is that it’s an ongoing, 15-year project. Throughout this time, imi has continued to support development by keeping up with demand and effectively managing the project as the neighborhood continues to expand.  During the most recent phase of development, imi completed the majority of the concrete work, including foundational pours, driveways, pools, and sidewalks, while also contributing to new infrastructure and roads leading to and from the neighborhood.

Effective communication between dispatchers, production, and drivers enabled imi to safely deliver concrete while maneuvering over tough terrain and difficult ready-mix truck positioning onsite.  With a ready-mix plant near the development, imi has consistently delivered excellent customer service to the Westhaven community. 

This project also utilizes CarbonCure, concrete made with recycled CO2, to help the customer and contractor reduce its carbon footprint.

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