Deep Woods Lake Retreat

Located in a heavily wooded area, the owner of this lake house wanted a variety of architectural concrete surrounding the property that would complement both the color and texture of the buildings on the property.

Project Overview

To meet the customer’s request, Steve Harriman of Harriman’s Bomanite used imix Spectra Yosemite Sand as a base for the color in the concrete.  Since imix Spectra color is mixed integrally in the concrete, it permeates the entire depth of the poured slab.  Harriman used a sweat finish for the driveways and sidewalks with a stone texture border.  The border was colored with a shake-on color hardener.

There were multiple levels and steps on the patios overlooking the lake.  Harriman again used an imix Spectra Yosemite Sand base with a shake-on color release to add depth to the stone textured finish.  The stamped border was carried over from the front of the house.  The patios were finished with a diamond-angled relief joint pattern cut into the concrete.

In all, Harriman poured over 90 yards of imix Spectra colored concrete.  This project was recognized with an Excellence in Concrete Award for residential decorative concrete from the IRMCA.

imi / Concrete
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