The case for recycled concrete products  ( 3/6/2014 )
By  Scott Freeman , IMI Concrete, Greenfield, Indiana

Have you ever wondered what happens to the leftover concrete on a mixer truck? Unless you are in the concrete industry, probably not! But let me explain that IMI has a policy that we will not waste any concrete. If a customer orders too much concrete and the truck returns to our plants with the leftover concrete, we make a couple of products that are useful to farmers.

Some of our return-to-yard concrete is turned into No Waste Base. This is hardened concrete or washout materials that are crushed and reprocessed into a base product. This can be used as an inexpensive fill or as a base material for barnyards, lanes, etc. You may have encountered recycled concrete and found it was full of construction waste materials – steel, asphalt, soil, etc. Our No Waste Base is different. It is not old concrete that was excavated from a construction site. No Waste Base is concrete that has never been used, therefore, it is clean of any kind of extraneous materials.

No Waste Base is sold at select concrete plants, so you should call ahead to see where it is available. We load the product on your truck.

The other products that we produce with recycled concrete are bin blocks. These make excellent dividers for grain and are made to be stacked. Bin blocks are available at most of our concrete plants. We load them on your trucks. Just a word to the wise: bin blocks weigh in excess of 4,000 lbs each. Make sure you are bringing a large enough truck and are not exceeding load limits. Call ahead for availability. You can find our concrete locations by clicking here.