IMI produces backfill and structural fill products that are flowable, self-consolidating and leave no gaps or air pockets. Fills can be engineered to your specifications.

self-consolidating fill
Leaves no gaps

imix Flexifill flows like water and sets up in minutes. It will not settle or shrink. imix Flexifill can be engineered to your job specifications. It can be used as a permanent structural fill for street cuts, undercuts, pipe beddings, sub footings and floor slab base. It can also be used as a backfill for sewer and utility trenches, abutments and excavation work.

Fill it up!

Fill your old in-ground storage and fuel tanks, cisterns and pools

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Case studies

Find out how IMI can design
a fill mix for
specific situations.

Mine shaft

Cavern under road

Fills the gaps in concrete block walls
imix Blockfill is a high viscosity structural material designed specifically for concrete block walls. imix Blockfill ensures walls will be completely filled, leaving no spaces. It meets ASTM C-476 standards for strength . imix Blockfill can be placed by pump, chute, conveyor or bucket. It is a high density material that needs to be placed only once. No settling or compaction.

imix Blockfill calculator

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