If you are involved in home construction,
you need concrete that is dependable
every time. Our imix Home concrete
products are engineered specifically for
foundations, interior and exterior flatwork,
and basement walls. They are designed for

  • Ease of placement and finishing
  • Consistent set times
  • Superior appearance
  • Durability

All of our imix products have undergone
extensive testing and represent our best
concrete products for home construction.

Questions? Ask us!

We welcome your questions. Our employees know concrete inside and out.

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imix EZ Footing
Our best concrete mix for foundation footings.

Steel fiber reinforced footings.
Meets code where rebar is required

imix SuperSlab
Designed for interior floors and slabs,
imix SuperSlab is easy to place and
produces a smooth finish. Delivered
up to an 8 inch slump.

Fiber options

imix Drive Plus
Engineered for exterior flatwork, including driveways, patios, and sidewalks. It is designed to promote surface durability. No added water needed, delivered up to an 8 inch slump.

Fiber options
Color options

imix EZ Wall
Designed for pouring basement walls,
imix EZ Wall will fill your forms
without adding extra water and with minimal vibration. Delivered up to an 8 inch slump.

Waterproof concrete for basement walls.

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